Gift Lists


In recent times more and more people look for alternatives to the traditional wedding lists and in many cases your guests will want to contribute towards something special for you both without handing over cash. Choosing art is an appropriate gift that’s very special and lasts a lifetime.

How it works

We will set up an account for you that allows your guests to contact us and place a contribution with a message. After your special day we will close the account and we will give you the budget, which you can top up to chose any piece in the gallery.


  • Account can be opened up to 3 months before the event date and will close 1 month afterwards
  • The money collected can only be used for artwork purchased at Ytene Gallery or through our website
  • A Purchase must be made up to 12 months after the gift account has been closed
  • Commission pieces would need to be discussed prior to the account opening
  • To reserve a piece for the duration of the gift list a 50% non refundable deposit on the artwork would be required