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Michael Sanders

After leaving Art School with a Fine Art Degree, Michael moved to North Norfolk. At this time he painted landscapes mainly in watercolour and became a well-known local artist.

As he began to travel more in Europe his painting style evolved and he worked a lot more in oils, some­times on much larger canvasses. He painted in Sienna, Florence and Paris and became more interested in texture and strongly contrasting light and shadow.

After six years of living abroad, including Bangkok and the South of France, Michael had a strong desire to return to England and put down his roots: “I felt a real urge to return to the UK where I now have two studios: one in Norfolk, and one in Cornwall. Both counties inspire me for different reasons and I enjoy the challenges both landscapes offer me. It is from my Cornish studio that new techniques have emerged, which have filtered through into my Norfolk landscapes. Mixed media techniques, on both canvas and paper, using a more impasto style together with texture over-painted with washes and translucent glazes help describe foreground detail and texture without becoming too illustrative.

From the moment I could walk I held a paint brush, and all these years later I’m still holding it and making a living as an artist. Painting has always been a kind of spiritual crutch for me – always there to rely on. I paint almost every day – of course I take holidays but am always desperate to get back to my paints.”

Ytene Gallery is delighted to stock Micheal’s prints. Each print is numbered, titled and signed by Michael. They are printed in the UK on 310 gsm Hahnemeuhle fine art German etching board, which is velvety smooth with a fine surface texture.

Prints come mounted and unframed

Available work by Michael Sanders