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Mark Munroe-Preston

Mark was born in Yorkshire and studied photography at Wolverhampton Polytechnic before moving to London. He worked as a still life photographer and became interested in digital illustration and eventually moving on to work with CGI as a children’s illustrator.

He moved to Sussex in 2001 and it was there that he reignited his passion for landscape photography, exploring the local landscapes, particularly the Ashdown Forest and the South Downs National Park, with his dogs and his camera. It was not until 2017 that he began utilising these images to create pieces of art for his first exhibition at a local art fair. Since going full time as an artist in 2018 he has exhibited across the UK and beyond.

Mark’s work coalesces photography, painting and collage to create atmospheric pictures inspired by his experiences in nature. Beginning with original landscape photographs, he transforms them, revealing the subtleties of colour, texture, light and form, while evoking the natural beauty and drama of the scenes, blurring the boundaries of what is traditionally considered photography and painting. They are presented as limited edition prints on sheets of brushed aluminium, which gives the work a uniquely dynamic look, depth of colour and contemporary feel.

Each of Mark’s works is titled with the GPS coordinates of where the original photograph was taken so they can be found on interactive maps, encouraging others to experience the locations in person.

We are delighted to now be exhibiting Mark’s work at Ytene Gallery and look forward to seeing his forthcoming collection of landscapes that are taken from the local area.

Available work by Mark Munroe-Preston