Artist spotlight on Steven Mcloughlin

14th February 2022 Blog, Featured Tags: , , , , , ,

Since joining joining Ytene Gallery in early 2020 Steven’s work has proved a huge hit with our customers. His stunning depictions of the English countryside have a fine art quality with a contemporary feel and always using a vivid and vibrant pallet to make the image stand out.

Many of Steven’s paintings have sold within a matter of days of us receiving them from his home in Derbyshire. His latest ones I’m sure won’t hang about long either.

In order to understand Steven’s creative processes a bit better we asked him a few questions.

Where are you from and has that had any effect on your work?

I live and work in Derby but I’m very lucky that it’s only a short drive for me to be in Derbyshire which is a great source of inspiration for me as I have the rivers and landscape of North Derbyshire and the Meadows and Woodland of South Derbyshire . My other favorite places to paint are Cornwall and Norfolk which is obviously so different to where I live but I love painting the coast.

When is your favorite time of day to create?

I’m fairly regimental about the way I paint if I’m in the studio I’ll tend to start in the early morning and carry through until I start to loose the daylight,. If I’m painting Plein Air they tend to be mornings and then I’ll finish the picture back at the studio.

How has your style changed over time?

My style has changed a lot over the years I’ve been painting, when I first started I just used brushes and the paintings where very detailed but over time my style has become looser as I’ve experimented with different techniques and materials, I now use palette knifes, rollers, sponges as well as brushes applying lots of layers of paint to the canvas sometimes mixing sand as well as other materials. Scratching away at the paint and splattering so there’s a lot that goes into a picture and that has really freed me up.

We have several paintings available by Steven currently on offer, these are his two latest ones, only sent last week. See the full collection here

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